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SkyGolf® Launches New SkyCaddie® LX5 With Ceramic bezel Smart Watch

Recently, SkyGolf® announced the new SkyCaddie® LX5 with ceramic bezel Smart Watch and the largest and most brilliant color touch screen at 1.39 inches in the entire industry. This new model uses the same next generation technology as the original LX5 Smart Watch, with an upgrade!

So, what new features can you find on the new LX5? To start, it is extremely stylish and offers a classy
look, making it perfect to wear on the course but also off the course as well, whether it is doing errands
or for a night out on the town. The LX5 also includes several dynamic features, giving you consistent,
accurate information conveniently located on your wrist. Many golfers have raved about the technology
included in SkyGolf’s award-winning SX500 and SX400 handhelds – now, that same technology can be
found in the LX5 Smart Watch.

SkyGolf prides itself on its HoleVue technology that delivers distances up to 40 geo-referenced targets
per hole, and any point in between. Further, the HD graphics included on the watch are the most
detailed in golf, providing a stunning visual for each and every hole. The touch screen is extremely easy
to use and can reveal critical distances, all verified by SkyGolf’s ground mapping teams.