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Need Extra Golf Practice? PuttOut is Your Perfect Solution

Are you looking for some new ways to practice your game on days when you can’t get to the course? Luckily, PuttOut is here with 3 different aids that will totally transform your practice off the course. With PuttOut, you can practice anytime, anywhere. 

First, check out the Pressure Putt Trainer, which is made up of a scientifically shaped parabolic ramp so that each putt is returned to you at the same exact distance it would have gone past the hole. The only putts that will hold in the micro-target are putts of perfection – which is a great way to get your game on point. 

Next, try out the Putting Mat, which offers the most reliable base that you can get for practicing. You can purchase this mat in green or grey, both of which feature markings up to 6-feet, alignment lines as well as pace targets. The mat comes in a low-profile drawstring carry bag, so you can easily take this on-the-go. 

Lastly, give the Putting Mirror a try, which is created in a compact three-layer design that has two magnetic guides and a 50mm putting gate. This mirror allows you to practice and perfect your consistency, repetition and putting in general, with an anti-scratch coating, steel inner plate and spiked-base rubber surround.