About These Articles

Times have changed but many individual course practices haven’t, and 3rd parties are taking advantage of that. We put together these articles so to help you have the right frameworks for using discounts as a tool to achieve your courses’ financial goals – not a 3rd party’s. 

For the last 30 years, courses have worked with The Links Card to implement these practices with the goals of: 

1) Improved yield management
2) Brand Protection
3) Scaling near impossible marketing for individual courses

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Modernize Your Discount Programs

  • 2 min read
From Pre-Internet Days It used to be difficult and expensive to reach your audiences. Marketers would craft discounts that appealed to large population segments because...

Kill Your Free Tee Time Programs

  • 3 min read
Cost > Benefits? When you’re considering if you should continue participating in marketing program (exclude charity donations) that requires you to give them tee times...
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