The next evolution of discount cards

In a world where targeting broad segments is easy, The Links Card is a focused discount card that specializes in hard to scale marketing with strategic audiences and specific goals. 

Trusted By Over 75 Courses

It's a real problem

Hard to Scale marketing in 2022

There are certain areas of marketing where the costs significantly outweigh the benefits and this is where we operate most effectively. What’s difficult for you to do on your own can now be outsourced for free to The Links Card. 

In 2022, The Links Card is focusing on 2 core benefit areas while protecting your course from the discount stigma and the cannibalization of core audiences. 

Expiring inventory where creating your own program is labor intensive and quickly sees diminishing returns but having a solution creates opportunity to regain what is normally lost revenue.

On the road marketing where you want to reach golfers outside your normal radius but marketing budgets are wasted on broad segment marketing with little benefit.
The Links Card is a multi-state program. Through us, you’ll reach golfers across multiple regions who play 56% of their rounds exclusively at partner courses.  

Get access to 40+ data points from our 2021 Golfer survey

normally only available to partner course

How It Works

List Your Course

In 5-10 minutes, you can have your own free, dedicated special rate listing on our site with built in rate restrictions to protect your brand. 
Edit your listing anytime based on your demand needs

Specific Goals = Specific Segments

The Links Card doesn’t appeal to every golfer and that’s the appeal to you. We spend our resources finding the right golfers to meet your goals instead of stealing from your core audience. 

Booking and Payments

For most courses, booking is as simple as answering the phone to accept a reservation and collecting payment in your proshop. 

The only additional step is checking for a membership card so training and integration into your current systems takes less than 60 seconds. 

Course Signup

Long Term Benefits

We’re not here for a quick buck at your expense. By focusing on hard to scale marketing for our partner courses, we help your course take specific audiences and purpose them towards specific goals. It takes an investment of time and resources on our end. And we do it for free for you. 

“We’re not a discount card program, we’re the next evolution.”

How We're different

Discount Card Programs
The Links Card
Audience Size
General population of golfers
Narrow and specific
Goals For Your Course
Undefined goals like "increased traffic"
Targeted and specific goals
Audience Focus
Segmented towards specific goals
Rate Flexibility
Typically set for the year
Adjustable anytime based on your demand needs
Rate Restrictions
No consistency across the program
Standard 24 hour advanced booking
Longterm Effects
Difficult to say without defined goals
Shifts discount golfers towards a specific purpose
Brand Protection
Weak, broad audience and inconsistent restrictions
Strong, consistent restrictions and smaller audience

List Your Course In Less Than 10 minutes

Additional Benefits

5 Free Memberships For Your Staff

A $325 value. Your staff can enjoy the same perks at other courses with membership cards personalized to your course

More Revenue Opportunities

Our member insights data makes it easier for you to predict member habits that most correlate with additional spending at your course

A Known Lead Source

With The Links Card, our members show their membership card making it obvious and trackable for your marketing objectives

Out of Your Way

By only focusing on the last 24 hours, we stay out of your way and don't cheapen your brand. The $150 billion hotel and resort industry uses this win-win method to generate billions each year where there'd normally be a zero.

Low Risk, High Reward

$0 start up costs
+$0 in on going marketing costs
+ only 5-10 minutes a year to set your rates
A ridicuously high ROI

Event Listings

List your events to gain more visibility for you and your charity events. No special rates necessary


Are there requirements for my special rate?
Yes, the minimum discount for greens fees+cart is $5 and 24 hours advanced booking. From there your rate is fully customizable.
Remember, this is a strategic rate to decrease the probability that your inventory expires unsold and reach out of state members
How big of a discount should I offer?
This is the age old question. We suggest your starting point based on expected value. If you're at 80% capacity, you're already running a 20% discount. If you offer our members a 20% special rate, then your expected value hasn't changed.
How much does it cost to become a partner course?
$0. We don't charge our partner courses to be on our platform.
Are my special rates available to the public?
No, only our paying members can access the special rates at your course. You'll know a member from their Links Card membership card presented at the time of payment for their tee-time. However, your special rates will be visible to anyone visiting our website.
Is this a silver bullet for my marketing?
Not in the slightest. We're an additional tool that helps fill a specific hole that other channels aren't designed to do effectively.
How many customers will I get?
It depends on many factors including the time we've been established in the area, your special rate and more. Courses in our established areas can receive hundreds of extra tee times each season
How many times can a member use their discount?
Most of our courses have unlimited use because they know our members will help fill unused tee times in the last 24 hours throughout the season. However, there are some cases where you may limit the number of uses and you're welcome to do so.
The Links Card