A special rate program that works for you

The Links Card is simple and straightforward. We focus on helping you fill empty tee times in the last 24 hours. Your only responsibilities: decide the offer and answer the phone when our members call to book. 

Trusted By Over 75 Courses

It's a real problem

the Last 24 hour problem defined

Whether you have a public, semi-private, private or resort course, you experience this problem.

  • Your unsold tee time inventory is fast approaching its expiration date
  • Your tee-times are at the highest probaiblity of going unsold
  • Your current marketing tools are virtually useless as they’re not designed to reach a segmented population in such a short time frame

How It Works

List Your Course for free

In 5-10 minutes, you can have your course fully listed on our platform to start realizing the benefits of our services

Expect just 5-10 minutes per year in maintenance. 
No revenue shares. No fees. No risks. 

We Find you the Right Golfers

The Links Card makes its revenue on the consumer side, which also means we cover all the marketing costs and put in the leg work to find the right type of golfer. 
Because of the 24 hour restriction, only a small segment of golfers will benefit meaning we don’t canabalize from your core demographics. 

Fill More Tee Times

We send you golfers in the last 24 hours to book at your listed special rate. 
Use our user insight data to fill even more. 

For example: if offered a special rate on a foursome over the phone, 32% of our members could put together a foursome on short notice. How’s that for extra last-minute revenue?

increase Overall sales Again

Use your extra profits to refocus on your core demographics and watch your sales soar!

How We're Different

We built our model with your business in mind

No Revenue Share

100% of the revenue earned by your course, stays with your course

No Contracts

Your business needs flexibility in how you grow and generate revenue. With The Links Card, you have it

Adjustable Rates

After the minimum special rate requirements, you're in full control of your rates and restrictions. Change them at anytime to accomodate demand. (Minimum: $5 off and 24 hours advanced booking)

No Fee Marketing

It's free to list your course on our platform. You don't pay us a dime, it's as simple as that. In fact, we spend our funds to market your course!

New Segments

Over 53% of our members rounds are played at Links Card partner courses. And you're not paying to reach them, we are.

Easy To Maintain

Since we leverage our network of golfers for you, your involvement can be as little as 5-10 minutes per year.

List Your Course In Less Than 10 minutes

Additional Benefits

Flip the Script and Save

Every so often, we bring in a vendor who wants to reach golf courses and will offer YOU savings.

More Revenue Opportunities

Our user insights data makes it easier for you to fulfill our members needs and generate more revenue

A Known Lead Source

With The Links Card, our members show their membership card making it obvious and trackable for your marketing objectives

Out of Your Way

By only focusing on the last 24 hours, we stay out of your way and don't cheapen your brand. The $150 billion hotel and resort industry uses this win-win method to generate billions each year where there'd normally be a zero.

Low Risk, High Reward

$0 start up costs
+$0 in on going marketing costs
+ only 5-10 minutes a year to set your rates
A ridicuously high ROI

Event Benefits Coming Soon!

We're always working hard to add extra value for both consumers and courses. We expect to add a feature that would help you book extra tournaments and events soon!


What's the catch?
Great question! There isn't one.
We are a discount membership program for golfers. We charge a membership fee to the consumer to access discounts at our partner courses.
Many of our golfers play exclusively at our partner courses so we're adding rather than subtracting from your revenue.
Are there requirements for my special rate?
Yes, the minimum discount for greens fees+cart is $5 and 24 hours advanced booking. You can offer as big as a discount as needed and/or loosen the 24 hours to a longer timeframe. Remember, this is a strategic discount to decrease the probability that your inventory expires unsold.
How big of a discount should I offer?
This is the age old question. We suggest your starting point based on expected value. If you're at 80% capacity, you're already running a 20% discount. If you offer our members a 20% special rate, then your expected value hasn't changed.
Why should my course join?
By using our platform you're opening yourself up to new, free, and consistent revenue. Can you think of another marketing channel that offers that?
Even if you were running at 110% capacity, there are still benefits to joining The Links Card as a partner course. It's as simple as we're there if you need it and not in your way if you don't.
How much does it cost to become a partner course?
$0. We don't charge our partner courses to be on our platform.
Are my special rates available to the public?
No, only our paying members can access the special rates at your course. You'll know a member from their Links Card membership card presented at the time of payment for their tee-time. However, your special rates will be visible to anyone visiting our website.
What does it mean to be a partner course?
It means there's there a mutually beneficial relationship for us. You gain access to our network of golfers to help fill in the last 24 hours and we gain an awesome course for our members to visit.
Sometimes we even flip the roles and bring in vendors who want to offer special rates to courses.
Is this a silver bullet for my marketing?
Not in the slightest. We're an additional tool that helps fill a specific hole that other channels aren't designed to do effectively.
How many customers will I get?
It depends on many factors including the time we've been established in the area, your special rate and more. Courses in our established areas can receive hundreds of extra tee times each season
How many times can a member use their discount?
Most of our courses have unlimited use because they know our members will help fill unused tee times in the last 24 hours throughout the season. However, there are some cases where you may limit the number of uses and you're welcome to do so.
The Links Card