Best Private Golf Courses in Vermont

As you weave through Vermont’s tapestry of rolling hills and autumn-hued forests, you’ll stumble upon exclusive enclaves of golfing prestige. The best private golf courses here offer you more than a game; they provide a sense of community and continuity amidst their manicured greens and fairways.

At spots like the Vermont National Country Club and The Quechee Club, you’re not just playing golf, you’re joining a family of enthusiasts who share your passion for the sport’s elegance and tradition. The Ekwanok Country Club, with its rich history, and The Golf Club at Equinox, set against a backdrop of majestic mountains, epitomize the blend of natural beauty and exclusive camaraderie that you crave.

As you seek your place within these lush landscapes, remember that each swing brings you closer to the heart of Vermont’s golfing fraternity.

Key Takeaways

  • Vermont National Country Club, Ekwanok Country Club, The Quechee Club, and The Golf Club at Equinox are some of the best private golf courses in Vermont.
  • These golf courses offer challenging gameplay and notable holes such as the famous seventh hole at The Quechee Club, the iconic par 5 seventh hole at Ekwanok Country Club, and the renowned Par 5 seventh hole at The Golf Club at Equinox.
  • The Quechee Club and Hermitage Golf Club provide exclusive amenities and top-tier services to their members.
  • Ekwanok Country Club and The Golf Club at Equinox offer serene landscapes and panoramic views, with Ekwanok Country Club providing panoramic views of forests and white birches, and The Golf Club at Equinox offering panoramic views of lush greenery.

Vermont National Country Club

At Vermont National Country Club, you’ll discover a premier golfing experience on a course co-designed by the legendary Jack Nicklaus and his son. As you stroll the fairways, you’ll feel an immediate sense of belonging amidst the pristine beauty of Vermont’s landscape. Here, every drive and putt is elevated by the meticulously maintained bent grass, a signature of the United States’ finest greens, and a hallmark of your new home course.

The club, envisioned by Steve Durkee, offers more than just a game—it’s a community where you’re a valued member, not just another golfer. With priority tee times, you can indulge in your passion for golf whenever the inspiration strikes. It’s not just about playing; it’s about being part of an exclusive circle that shares your love for the sport.

Whether you’re eyeing a full golf membership or the flexibility of a trial period, Vermont National Country Club caters to your lifestyle. Embrace the camaraderie, enjoy the social events, and challenge yourself on a course that stands as a jewel in Vermont Golf.

Come for the game, stay for the friendships, and make your mark at a club where you’re not just playing—you’re belonging.

The Quechee Club

Within the serene landscape of Quechee, VT, you’ll find The Quechee Club’s Highland course, a private golfing retreat renowned for its picturesque setting and challenging gameplay. As you traverse the fairways, you’re enveloped in a tranquil setting of white birches and an expansive green forest that feels like a world apart. It’s not just a place to play—it’s where you belong, among Vermont’s best golf courses.

The Highland course, designed by Walter, offers more than just a game of golf; it presents an experience that captivates your senses and tests your skills. Imagine yourself on the seventh hole, a challenging Par 5 that’s become one of Vermont’s most talked-about golfing feats. It’s here that you’ll understand why The Quechee Club is synonymous with top-tier golfing prestige.

Moreover, the Country Club upholds the tradition of the sport with its unique lone caddie program, enhancing your experience and connecting you with the essence of the game. Membership means access to exclusive amenities that complement the high-quality golf course, ensuring every visit is more than a round—it’s a cherished memory. The Quechee Club isn’t just about golf; it’s where you’re part of a legacy.

Ekwanok Country Club

Continuing your journey through Vermont’s elite golfing destinations, you’ll discover Ekwanok Country Club, where the blend of historic design and natural beauty creates an unrivaled golfing sanctuary. Nestled in the heart of Rutland Country, this prestigious golf club has been a cornerstone of golf in Vermont since its inception in 1899.

The legendary par 5 seventh hole stands as a testament to the course’s challenge and the rich history that underpins every round played here.

As you become part of the Ekwanok community, you’ll find that the Country Club’s commitment to tradition extends beyond the fairways. The caddie program, exclusive to Ekwanok, instills a sense of heritage and respect for the game that’s palpable from the first tee to the eighteenth green.

Here’s what you’ll experience at Ekwanok Country Club:

  • A golf course designed by Walter J. Travis and John Duncan Dunn, offering a classic golfing journey.
  • The iconic par 5 seventh hole, revered as Vermont’s most famous golf challenge.
  • The state’s only caddie program, providing a timeless touch to your golfing experience.
  • Panoramic views of verdant forests and the serene presence of white birches, framing each shot with natural elegance.

Ekwanok Country Club is more than a golf course; it’s a cherished enclave where every member is woven into the fabric of its storied legacy.

Hermitage Golf Club

As you transition from the rich heritage of Ekwanok Country Club, you’ll find yourself amidst the natural splendor of Hermitage Golf Club, where championship golf meets the serene Deerfield Valley landscape. Nestled in Wilmington, VT, Hermitage Golf Club isn’t just a course; it’s a retreat that embraces you with its picturesque mountain views and the meticulously crafted 18-hole challenge designed by the renowned Desmond Muirhead.

Every swing you take is complemented by the impeccable condition of the greens and fairways, a testament to the dedication that Hermitage Golf Club invests in your golfing experience. It’s no wonder that those familiar with the GOLF DIGEST rankings speak highly of this hidden gem. You’re not just playing golf here; you’re joining a family of enthusiasts who appreciate the finer aspects of the game.

Hermitage Golf Club offers more than just the game. It’s a sanctuary where high-quality amenities fuse seamlessly with top-tier services, ensuring that every visit elevates your love for golf. The club’s commitment to excellence is evident, resonating with a sense of belonging that only a Country Club of this caliber can provide.

Welcome to Hermitage, where every putt matters and every member is valued.

The Golf Club at Equinox

Discover the charm of The Golf Club at Equinox, where you’ll tee off amidst historic fairways designed by golf legends Walter J. Travis and John Duncan Dunn. Nestled in the heart of Vermont’s countryside, this course offers you more than just a round of golf; it provides a sense of belonging to a storied tradition in the New England golf community.

The Golf Club at Equinox boasts a unique mix of natural beauty and golfing heritage. As a member or guest, you’re not just playing; you’re part of a legacy that dates back to 1899. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Panoramic Views: Be captivated by the lush greenery of white birches and the encompassing forest landscape.
  • Historic Holes: Challenge yourself on the renowned Par 5 seventh hole, celebrated as Vermont’s most iconic golf challenge.
  • Caddie Program: Engage in the traditional golf experience with the state’s lone caddie program, enhancing your round with expert course knowledge.
  • Consistent Playability: Despite the occasional slow greens after rain, find the course in top condition, ready for your best shot.

Whether you’re looking for competitive play or a serene retreat, The Golf Club at Equinox welcomes you to be part of this exclusive New England country club. Remember, it’s not just a par 3 course or a public course—it’s a community where golfers unite under the spirit of the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Golf Courses Are There in Vermont?

You’re probably wondering how many golf courses you can find in Vermont. Well, you’ll be thrilled to know there’s a wide selection—with over 70 courses to choose from!

Whether you’re looking for a casual round with friends or a more exclusive club experience, you’re covered. It’s not just about playing; it’s about being part of a community that shares your passion for the game.

How Many Golf Courses in the US Are Private?

You’re part of a special group when you tee off at a private course. In the US, about 4,300 golf courses are private, which is roughly 20%. These exclusive clubs offer you top-notch amenities and a chance to rub shoulders with fellow members.

It’s not just about the game; it’s the community and the prestige that come with access to these refined greens. You’re not just playing; you’re belonging.


As you explore Vermont’s private golf havens, remember each course offers its unique charm. Tee off at Vermont National for a modern challenge, or unwind amidst The Quechee Club’s natural splendor. Relish in Ekwanok’s historic grounds, tackle Hermitage’s picturesque fairways, or embrace The Golf Club at Equinox’s storied links.

Whichever you choose, you’re guaranteed lush greens, top-tier amenities, and a community of passionate golfers. So, grab your clubs and experience the pinnacle of Vermont’s golfing excellence.