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Why Sponsor Our Giveaway/Sweepstakes

First and foremost, it’s important to understand that our #1 priority is to protect our partners’ and sponsors’ brands from negative stigmas. Our secondary goal is to drive traffic where YOU want it.  

Sponsorship Details:

  1. This is a national campaign with a dedicated budget of $2000 for paid traffic over the course of 3 months
  2. Additional traffic is generated through referral incentives for bonus entries
  3. Sponsors are mentioned and/or pictured on the entry page, thank you page, and prize list. And the rules, but no one reads those.
  4. We will setup bonus entries for visits to any page on your website of your choosing, and if allowed, we will use affiliate links and re-invest any commissions for more paid traffic to the sweepstakes page.
  5. Emails are not automatically passed to you, but we can setup bonus entries for signing up for your newsletter
  6. Mention in every email in our participation series with reminders to take action.  
  7. You may include a dedicated and/or unqiue coupon code for everyone who signs up
  8. Prizes can be sent by you at the completion of the giveaway/sweepstakes, or you may have The Links Card complete it with shipping costs reimbursed

While it’s up to you if you want to participate and in what capacity, this campaign is fully paid for by The Links Card. Every sponsor that joins is leverage for increased participation.

Hop on for the ride!

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