Single Membership Plan


Gain access to pre-negotiated rates and discounts at our partner courses.

Meant for those purchasing a membership for themselves.
If you’re purchasing on behalf of someone or for a group of 2+, please see our group memberships


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The Links Card is a discount membership program. As a member, you gain access to pre-negotiated rates and discounts at all of our partner courses.


Group memberships are for those buying 2+ memberships where you want to give your other group members online access to our member portal with additional discounts and member benefits. 
A single membership still has online access to the member portal but does not have the capability easily to assign membership portal benefits to others if you purchase multiple memberships

You can purchase a group membership here:

Group names are used when you send out invites to your group members. The name will help your members recognize invites coming from you. 

Yes, entering a group name will allow you to invite members in the future. For example, if you wanted to purchase a 2-week or another short term membership for a friend. 

Your purchase of multiple memberships at once will give you “seats” in your group. When you log in to your account, you’ll be able to invite members by email. 

However, at the moment it is not required that your members register but we encourage them to be able to take advantage of additional deals and discounts only available to registered members. 

Membership cards will be sent by mail to the main organizer of the group who can distribute them to members. 

If you’d like cards to be sent individually, please contact after your purchase and we can separate out the order. 

Memberships are subject to our refund policy. Please review the policy to understand it in detail.

However, the general ideal is that if membership cards have been mailed out then memberships are not refundable. 

Absolutely! You’ll be able to purchase additional membership for your group from the members area. 


Your discounts are based on how much you play. The more you play at our partner courses, the more you save. You might save anywhere from $5-$50 per round, plus some courses offer additional discounts in their pro shop and club house. 

A majority of our partner courses are in East Coast states. We’re continuously working to add more courses to our program. 

We send you a temporary digital card so you can benefit from the membership program immediately. Physical cards should arrive in 7-10 business days from purchase. 

Yes! Be sure to login to the membership area to take advantage of all types of golf deals

The Links Card