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collective marketing
to shift consumer behavior


We believe that a modern discount card should accomplish what your course can’t easily do on its own

So we’re evolving what a discount card can do for your course. 

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creating a shift

In late 2019, the NGCOA released a scathing 62 page report called "Beware of Barter" where they explain the negative shift in consumer behaviors as a result of OTTA's deceptive and manipulative practices.

We're setting out to answer questions like:
Can we correct many of the wrongs created by OTTAs while realizing the benefits?

What if you could re-introduce discounts and change they're marketed, perceived, and utilized within the industry? 

Could we create another shift in consumer behavior for certain segments while not affecting others?

why now

It's no secret, Covid created a huge demand for golf courses but the warning signs are there for when the boon will end. Throw in inflationary pressures and price sensitive golfers are going to start scaling back or dropping out completely. 

By re-introducing value based offers now, we can use tighter restrictions and bigger hurdles. 

about the collective

We're bringing together like minded course operators who want to see this shift in the industry. 

We want to answer the question of how the industry can safely re-introduce discounts without all the negative side effects of seen in the NGCOAs report. 

By adding your course to the network, you're helping us accelerate towards the critical mass to create the shift industry wide.

Call us naive, but we believe a marketing service should do what you can't easily do on your own. 

How we're answering the negatives

Collective Marketing
Shifting consumer behavior is tough on your own. Join a network of courses working to push value golfers into expiring tee times

Scale marketing that you can't scale on your own using the power of collective marketing and watch your yields improve

Why Collective Marketing

Modern marketing has made it easier than ever to reach target audiences that can help you achieve specific goals. 

However, courses often compete against each other with their marketing using discounts. 

Instead, collective marketing presents the opportunity for your course to achieve industry goals goals that you couldn't achieve before by creating specific and restricted offers that are used by a targeted audience. 

When someone else pays for the marketing (The Links Card), those offers become scalable and your goals achievable. 

Brand Protection
By using special offers with built in restrictions, we help you reach price sensitive golfers without cannibalizing your core audiences

How we protect your brand

We all know that discounting has a negative stigma in the industry. But, if used correctly, it can be a powerful tool for driving revenue. 

To protect your brand, we're utilizing a method seen in the $500+ billion hotel industry where high end resorts can fill rooms at a discount without damaging their brand. 

We focus on price sensitive golfers (who are typically value loyal, not brand loyal) who join The Links Card membership program to gain access to a collection of special rates. 

Those special rates all carry standard restrictions that help drive traffic when you need it - at expiration.

Improved Yields and Growth
Our partner courses see a shift in value golfers that allows them to remove or lower discount rates on other platforms

Long term growth

The fundamental question we try to answer with our deal structures is: What long term benefits can our members provide to golf courses?

Answer: A shift in consumer behavior. 

By providing value golfers a collection of benefits that all carry similar restrictions, we can consistently shift them into a role that gives your yield management a boost. 

other Benefits For Your Course

Did we mentionit's free for your course?

Activate your first offer

Add Maine Golf Center to our network of partner courses that are achieving better yields without harmful discount practices
Phone Number: (207) 865-0711, (207) 865-4922
Address: 2 Old County Rd Extension Freeport, Maine 04032 US

How It Works for courses

Get started in just 2 steps

Create Your First Offer
In just 2 minutes, you can create your first offer to motivate and utilize the powerful demographic of value golfers to fill in gaps created by inefficiencies with online bookings

Create Your First Offer
Let Us Do The Work
We do the work to find the right golfers that can turn underutilized groupings and expiring tee times into real profits for your course.

All you have to do is answer the phone when our members call.

Maine Golf Center

About the Course

Course Type: Public
Holes: 9
Yardage: 2939 yards
Par: 36
Rating: 116
Slope: 34.5
Year Built: 1965

Playing 9

F&B Options: Unknown
Rental Club Availability: Yes
Rental Cart Availability: Yes
GPS on Carts?: Unknown
Rental Pull Cart Availability: Yes
Caddie Availability: Unknown
Dress Code: Appropriate golf attire.

Practice Information

Driving Range: N/A
Practice Bunker: Yes
Pitching/Chipping Area: Yes
Indoor Practice Area: N/A
Practice Hole: N/A
Putting Green: Yes
Teaching Pro: Yes
Teaching School/Academy: Yes
Golf Simulator: N/A


About Staff Memberships

Our partner courses have come to love, enjoy, and look forward to their staff memberships each year. 

  1. We offer free memberships for your employees to use at other partner courses for access to the same perks available to our paying members. Your staff's cards will carry your courses' name and their name so they're identified as industry insiders.
  2. New in 2022: an unofficial industry rate program. At the request of several partner courses, we're creating a section in our listings for insider rates that are only visible and available to registered staff members. Participation by your course is optional
  3. Your staff memberships will stay active as long as your course remains active on the platform

How are offers redeemed?

Our members call your proshop and identify themselves as Links Card members. When paying their greens fees, they show their membership card to your staff.  

How many times can offers be redeemed?

You can restrict it to a 1 time offer or allow our members to redeem it as many times as they'd like. 

Most of our partner courses allow for unlimited redemption because the special offer restrictions are so beneficial yields.

What's in it for The Links Card?

We don't charge our partner courses to participate on The Links Card platform. 

Our revenue comes from selling memberships to golfers to access the special offers. 

My course is fully booked, why do I need The Links Card?

We simply want you to have the systems in place to reduce $0 tee times, even if they are rare for you. 

Our platform allows you to create offers that increase demand during times that you need it, even if it's as small of a window as after 2pm on Mondays. 

What is considered an expiring tee-time?

From what we've seen, it's the time frame when chances of bookings drop drastically and the expected value of a tee time rapidly approaches $0. For most courses, it's the last 24 hours before a tee time. 

24 hours if our default but you're welcome to extend your offer out to meet the needs of your course. For example, a more rural course may want to use 72 hours while a resort near a city may want to use 24 hours

Can my course do this on our own?

Great question and you absolutely can!

It's easy enough to build out an audience of value golfers. From what we've heard from our partner courses, the more difficult and time consuming part is utilizing them without damaging your brand. 

Instead of adding another set of processes to your to do list, you can leverage The Links Card and our process to increase your yields for free.

My course is fully booked, why do I need The Links Card?

If your course is consistently booked with foursomes and zero gaps, we congratulate you!

The Links Card is a platform that let's you put systems in place to reduce $0 tee times, even if they are rare for you.