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Blackstone Creek Golf Club: A Traditional Golfing Experience in Germantown, Wisconsin

Blackstone Creek Golf Club, nestled in the charming town of Germantown, Wisconsin, offers a traditional-style 18-hole golf course that promises an engaging experience for golfers of all skill levels. Designed by renowned architect Lloyd Robinson in 1974, this semi-private course boasts a challenging layout that demands strategic shot placement and long drives. Measuring 6,932 yards in length with a par of 72, Blackstone Creek presents a variety of obstacles, including water hazards on 14 holes, bunkers, and thick rough. Open from April to November, the course features well-maintained Bent Grass greens, ensuring a smooth and consistent putting surface. Whether you're a local resident or a visiting enthusiast, Blackstone Creek offers a delightful golfing experience, conveniently located near the city suburbs. After your game, unwind and socialize in the welcoming ambiance of their renowned "19th Hole," where refreshing drinks await.

Player Reviews: A Mixed Bag of Experiences

Blackstone Creek Golf Club has garnered a range of reviews from players, reflecting both positive and negative experiences. While some golfers have lauded the course conditions and layout, others have expressed disappointment with its overall state. Positive feedback highlights the well-maintained greens and the enjoyable layout, with one reviewer noting the excellent condition of the greens despite recent aeration. However, concerns have been raised regarding burnt-out areas on the fairways, which detract from the overall aesthetics of the course.

The staff at Blackstone Creek Golf Club has consistently received praise for their friendly and helpful demeanor. Reviewers have commended the staff for their exceptional service throughout their golfing experience. However, some negative comments have surfaced regarding overcrowding and slow pace of play, particularly during peak times. One golfer shared their frustration after leaving the course after only playing six holes due to overbooking and lack of attention to pace management.

The Links Card, a reputable golf course rating system, provides valuable insights into the perceived value of Blackstone Creek Golf Club. While the course offers a challenging and enjoyable golfing experience, there are areas where improvements could enhance its overall value. The Links Card suggests that the course could benefit from better management of crowd control during peak times to ensure a smoother pace of play for all golfers. Additionally, addressing the occasional issues with course conditions, such as burnt-out fairways, would further elevate the golfing experience.

Overall, Blackstone Creek Golf Club offers a solid golfing experience with a friendly staff and a challenging layout. However, improvements in managing crowd control and course maintenance would enhance its value and appeal to a broader range of golfers.

**We have not verified the course website. Many links are based on google search results**

Phone Number: (262) 255-4200
Address: N112 W17300 Mequon Rd Germantown, Wisconsin 53022 US

Blackstone Creek Golf Club

About the Course

Course Type: Semi-Private
Holes: 18
Yardage: 6932 yards
Par: 72
Rating: 131
Slope: Unknown
Year Built: 1974

Playing 18

F&B Options: Unknown
Rental Club Availability: No
Rental Cart Availability: Yes
GPS on Carts?: Unknown
Rental Pull Cart Availability: Unknown
Caddie Availability: No
Dress Code: See course website

Practice Information

Driving Range: Yes
Practice Bunker: N/A
Pitching/Chipping Area: Yes
Indoor Practice Area: N/A
Practice Hole: N/A
Putting Green: N/A
Teaching Pro: N/A
Teaching School/Academy: N/A
Golf Simulator: N/A

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Most of our partner courses allow for unlimited redemption because the special offer restrictions are so beneficial yields.

What's in it for The Links Card?

We don't charge our partner courses to participate on The Links Card platform. 

Our revenue comes from selling memberships to golfers to access the special offers. 

My course is fully booked, why do I need The Links Card?

We simply want you to have the systems in place to reduce $0 tee times, even if they are rare for you. 

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Great question and you absolutely can!

It's easy enough to build out an audience of value golfers. From what we've heard from our partner courses, the more difficult and time consuming part is utilizing them without damaging your brand. 

Instead of adding another set of processes to your to do list, you can leverage The Links Card and our process to increase your yields for free.

My course is fully booked, why do I need The Links Card?

If your course is consistently booked with foursomes and zero gaps, we congratulate you!

The Links Card is a platform that let's you put systems in place to reduce $0 tee times, even if they are rare for you.