Purpose of the New Pricing Structure

To provide clarity around ownership and decision

  • Your golf associations would own your discount card and the product of The Links Card in the northeast would roll into your new card. 
  • Puts more revenue in your hands and increases your upside significantly.
  • Your associations can make decisions around pricing, splits, the marketing message, name of the card, sales, etc.
  • The Links Card platform would act as the backend to execute a hands off solution after courses in your states agree to join, for which a flat monthly fee makes sense. 
  • After our contract period, you could also move the card off The Links Card platform to execute your discount card in-house if desired. 

A-Z Operations

Pricing is per state
$ 999
  • 97% of revenue goes to your associations, remaining 3% covers credit card fees and administrative costs
  • Unlimited users and courses
  • Single state cards + larger regional card support
  • The below features

Website Management

Included in the pricing

  • Website hosting
  • Website management
  • Website development
    • We will actively improve the website as part of our service. Major custom requests may be charged extra at our discretion
  • Surveys: Design and execution to collect desired data on users


Course management includes: 

  • Follow ups for courses that have agreed to join
  • Annual follow ups for courses that are already involved
  • Availabilty of easy updates for courses
  • Individual pages for each course
  • Protected territories from other discount cards that join our platform

Customer Support

Availibity of support includes: 

  • Answer pre-sales inbound calls and emails
  • Answer post-sale customer service related issues
  • Design of standard operating procedures for customer facing issues 
  • Execution of SOPs

Fulfillment and Membership Access

Fulfillment services include: 

  • Digital cards distribution and hosting
  • Processing and fulfillment of digital card orders larger than 1
  • Physical card mail fulfillment (extra costs for postage)
  • Registration of physical cards
  • Design of cards for each state and regional
  • Coordination with a card printer - physical card printings are billed to you
  • Research and implementation of new membership access possibilities - like an app
  • Innovation - as part of our normal process, we will continue to innovate and improve our process to appeal to larger audiences

Marketing and growth

Marketing services included: 

  • SEO for each state against other discount cards
  • Social media management - up to 3 different channels with images and text. Videos are not included
  • Design and execution of email campaigns for the discount card (presale and post sale)
  • Coordination with your marketing teams to execute segmented email campaigns for your golf association messaging
  • Coordination with your marketing team to implement GHIN upsells
  • Passing of post-sale customer data to your CRMs
  • Search for new opportunities of organic growth - the execution of a new opportunity may cost extra depending on how labor intensive it is. At the very least, we'll pass on the info to you to see if your marketing team would want to execute it. 


Sales services includes: 

  • Active testing of digital processes
  • Sales funnel buildout and monitoring
  • Support for selling advertising space on the platform so you can offset costs
  • Finding other membership value adds similar to Golf & Ski's discount

Distribution (outside sellers)

Coordination with outside vendors for additional distribution opportunities includes: 

  • Support for up to 10 vendors who sell digital or physical cards on your behalf 
  • We can support unlimited physical card resellers if you're not concerned about tracking
  • Up to 10 affiliate accounts (those who market on your behalf and you'd like to credit with a sale)
  • Support for up to 2 in-person events per month per state for selling of digital/physical cards (events can be transferred but not rolled over)


Accounting transparency includes: 

  • Automatic revenue splits between states based on your rules
  • Monthly reports of customer orders and refunds
  • Access to a backend dashboard to run additional reports
  • Monthly fee can be paid out of card sales

Paid marketing management (extra cost)

We can actively manage up to 3 paid marketing channels at 10% of your adspend with a minimum fee of $100/month per channel. Adspend can be combined across all 3 states

  • Design and implementation of up to 5 ads per channel
  • Implementation
  • Monitoring
  • Rule-based operations to avoid wasted adspend

Marketing - At The Links Card's cost (optional)

Passive marketing channels will only take you so far in your growth, especially with your goal of growing your associations' reach to increase your GHIN numbers. 

If you do not want to do paid advertising, The Links Card can provide our own paid marketing and distribution opportunities for a referral fee of 60% or favored nation status among your distributors, whichever is higher. 

The onus is on The Links Card to prove attribution for our efforts. 

Our success would mean faster growth of your card and messaging reach to golfers. 

Distribution would be channels like charity tournaments or other websites outside your normal reach. If desired, you can provide a list of excluded vendors like pro shops or tourism boards that you would want to pursue. 

Anticipated Questions

Until the end of the 2024 season at which point you’re able to move operations and your card elsewhere, if desired. 

Negotiable but working towards the 2023 card would be the most logical. A start time in August would allow for planning and execution for 2023

A revenue share can be negotiated for 2022 if courses start onboarding through your outreach efforts. 

There are 3 options: 

  1. Hybrid on our site – add on your new card name to The Links Card:
    Ex. The Links Card – Northeast, The Links Card – North Country, etc. 
  2. New name, remove The Links Card:
    on our site, your product would be “The North Country Card” and the physical/digital cards would show that. Could create confusion amongst customers/courses, however
  3. Move to a new domain and new name: 
    Start a card and brand from scratch. There are significant costs to doing this in both migration, process redesign, and branding/marketing. 

Customers who purchase would be owned by your associations. We can automatically forward it to your CRM.
For marketing purposes there are advantages to continuing your messaging under The Links Card that they just purchased. We will coordinate with your marketing team if its to be executed by The Links Card. 

Likewise, those who join the email list but haven’t purchased would technically be owned by you (if they indicate they’re from one of your states or interest in your card), but it may make sense to use The Links Card to distribute your message. 

It makes the most sense (at least I think it does) for your assocations to have ownership of the card if you’re getting the courses to onboard. 

Our value is in the processes and systems for operating the card, for which, a set monthly fee makes sense. 

The target market is mostly seniors who would not want to use a digital card. 
Going with digital only and going for a younger audience could lower the monthly costs but I doubt it would offset the revenue lost by keeping physical cards. 

Yes and no. It outlines the major responsibilities of The Links Card as a platform/service. Responsibilities within each section can be adjusted or added