Improve Your Mental Game of Golf

It’s All In Your Head

Golf is truly a one-of-a-kind game. While mechanical adjustments to the swing seem to be a never-ending process, golf is as much about the mental aspects as it is the physical.


Here are a few tips that could help improve your mental golf game and ultimately improve your performance on the course.

  1. Don’t Be Negative. We all hit some bad shots and we can’t all be perfect. It’s what you do between that bad hit and the next one that can make the difference between a good day on the course and a bad one. Every hit should be considered a fresh start. Don’t think about the shot you hit into the woods on the last hole. Sure, it’s not what you wanted, but keeping a positive attitude is the key to performing better. Try to look at every shot as an opportunity, whether it’s from the fairway, a bunker or behind a tree.
  2. Release Your Control. When you think too hard about how you’re going to hit a shot just the right way, you may have a tendency to overthink it. There is a method for relieving your mind from this. Give the shot over to your body. You’ve trained your body to swing a club. Let it do what it was trained to do. Take a few minutes before each swing to clear your mind of any thoughts.
  3. Visualize, Visualize, Visualize. Visualization can be very powerful in the game of golf. When you get to that troublesome tee, take a step back and visualize a hole that you’ve played and had great results. Then pick a spot on the fairway that plays to your advantage, step up and let it fly with confidence. If you want to perform better on the course then visualization is a must. Master it and watch your performance take off to new levels.
  4. Expect To Make Mistakes. Many of us are cursed with the perfectionist mindset. We want every shot to be how we want it to be. The problem with this mental attitude is when a poor shot is made, it causes the you to lose confidence in your swing and evokes negative feelings and thoughts. Just remind yourself – one, two or three bad shots isn’t the end of the world because guess what? You have plenty more opportunities to correct your swing during an 18-hole round of golf. Releasing the idea of perfection will keep you more relaxed on the golf course, keep you more in the present moment, and help you maintain a positive mental attitude.

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