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How To Break 80 Consistently

Three Tips to Break 80

Everyone dreams of breaking 80, but many golfers struggle to achieve this. If you are close to breaking into the single-digit handicap, but struggle with getting there, there are a few important areas that can help you finally break the barrier.

Here are three key ways that can help you break 80:

  1. Get on the Green

This might sound obvious, but hitting more greens in regulation is the first step in breaking 80 because this component of the game is a significant key to shooting lower scores. In fact, the average 10 handicapper will hit only three to six greens in regulation per round. This is compared to the average tour player who will manage to hit somewhere around 12 GIR per round.

  1. Learn to Hit The Ball to the Right and the Left

Another important area is learning how to hit the golf ball from right to left and left to right.

Since most golf courses have trouble on both sides of the fairway and green, being able to recognize which direction is needed and then executing the shot called for, will go a long way to eliminating those high numbers on your card.

  1. Get Extra Distance on your Drives

The last tip is to try to get extra distance on your drives by launching the ball higher without any spin by trying to hit more upward on the ball.

Most amateurs have trouble doing this because they hit the golf ball at a downward angle of attack with the driver, which creates too much spin loft and effects their ability to hit long and straight tee shots. Instead, create an angle of attack that has an upward impact. This will help you hit those golf balls high and long from the tee, resulting in one less club into the greens and more looks at getting some more birdies.

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