Hitting Good Iron Shots and Keeping it Consistent

Seven Golf Tips To Fix your Swing

Being consistent at hitting good iron shots is critical to lowering your scores on the links. But sometimes your iron swing doesn’t seem to be on the same page as you.  When that happens, you have to figure out how to get your iron swing back. Often, applying some quick fixes to your stance or swing can help dramatically.

Here are seven fixes that can help you get your swing back on track:

  1. Plan it out — Weekend golfers often lose focus during a round of golf and never get it back. That can cause them to make bad decisions that land them in trouble. Instead, plan out every shot you make, then commit to it and hit it. Follow this tip and you’ll hit better iron shots. 
  1. Align your feet —Positioning your feet the right way is critical to hitting solid irons. Positioning them parallel to your target will give you better power and accuracy. Positioning them slightly left of parallel restricts your backswing and provides more rotation through the ball. Positioning them slightly right of target promotes a bigger backswing and finish.
  1. Grip— Gripping down on the club, which slows swing speed, can help you recover your swing rhythm. It can also help you hit those in-between shots that don’t require a full swing without consciously decelerating. 
  1. Ball position — If you’re like many weekend golfers, you change ball position as much as you change clubs. And like many golfers, you use your feet to decide where to place the ball. Use body marks instead. Play short irons in the center of your stance in line with your sternum. Play middle irons just below the logo on your shirt.  And play longer irons just under your front armpit.
  1. Find the right swing plane —  Every club has its swing plane. Trying to find the right swing plane for the club your using as you start your swing can cause mishits. So, stop doing that. Instead, focus on what happens at the top of your backswing and make a smooth transition. Allow for extra time in your backswing for longer clubs and less time in your backswing for shorter clubs.
  1. Don’t sway, rotate — If you’re hitting irons poorly, you may be swaying when you swing. That can cost you. Swaying short-circuits power and impedes distance control. Better golf swings require a solid base from which to hit. That includes having a stable lower half of your body when swinging. So, make a good rotation away from the ball. Rotating frees up your body to make a bigger coil, boosting power and control.
  1. Control your ball-flight — Many weekend golfers just flail away their irons. They give no thought to their ball-flight, but they should because it will help save on strokes. Hitting timely draws and fades can help get your swing back on track. To hit high shots, play the ball just under your armpit. That forces you to tilt your shoulders, producing loft. To hit low shots, play the ball back. That evens out your shoulders, minimizing loft.


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