Golf Fundraising made easy

We want to help your organization raise money as painlessly as possible. We’ve streamlined our processes to make The Links Card a go-to options for all your fundraisers. 

Easy ways to fundraise with the links card

Digital Referrals

The most efficient ways to reach people are through your own website, emails, and social media.
You and your organization can leverage your online presence to quickly reach large audiences
Sales and additional marketing are handled by The Links Card and your share of the funds are sent to your organization.

Referral Links

How it works: Your organization receives a link with your referral ID that will tag a visitor when clicked. 

How to use them: Great for posting on your website, social media, or emailing out to your patrons. 

You can also create a QR code for printed materials.

Internal Competitions: You can easily create campaign links from your dashboard. Each link can be designated to a member of your organization, which allows you to easily track who is getting the most clicks. 

Dedicated Branded Landing Page

How it works: No referral links needed. You receive a dedicated page on our website that will act as your referral attributor

How to use: Simply refer people to a page dedicated to your organization. 

Benefits: Visitors will know exactly who they're supporting and how much of their purchase goes back to you. You'll have some control of your messaging but for the most part, it's part of a template on our end with minimal re-design capabilities by you

Domain Links

When it comes to your organization you might want full control of how your information is displayed, the message, and even how you generate your traffic. 

A domain link counts any referral that comes from your chosen domain. Ex: posts a link to on their home page and in a blog. When someone clicks on that link, they're tagged to you. 
No referral links to keep track of. 

Usecase: If your organization receives a lot of organic traffic, using a domain link allows you to reach everyone who visits your site. 

Tracked Short Links

In addition to QR codes, you can request a tracked shortlink that redirects to your referral link. 

Great for printed materials when a QR code won't do. 



Organized Fundraising Campaigns

Similar to Entertainment books or Girl Scout cookies, you can utilize your people power to execute super effective fundraising campaigns by selling The Links Card memberships directly in your community.

Code Based - Pay As Your Go

You'll receive your choice of a list of codes or pre-printed cards with unique codes. 

Collect funds and donations in person and either distribute the code or sign them up on the spot using the code. 

You'll only be charged for a code that's activated. 

This option is only good for digital memberships

Physical Membership Cards - Pre-Paid

Most fundraising options utilize our digital membership system. If you'd like to opt for physical cards, you can purchase them in bulk and save. By pre-purchasing your cards, we can minimize the transaction costs on our end and pass those additional savings on to you. 

A great option if you're giving memberships out as prizes or gifts. 

No additional registrations or actions would need to be taken by your recepients to use the membership. 

Note: You can pre-purchase digital memberships but it's a rare usecase. 

30 Day Cookies

Visitors can purchase up to 30 days later and still be attributed to your fundraising campaign!

Free Remarketing

We already re-market to our website vistitors, which means your referrals don't have to purchase the first time they visit.

Track your earnings

Access a dedicated dashboard to see how your campaigns are doing, which links are working well, and which aren't.

Create internal competitions

Use campaign options in your dashboard to easily track your best fundraisers

Fundraising Options

Pick the options that fits your organization’s goals

Lifetime Referrals

Referals continue to generate earnings year after year
50% of each membership they purchase
  • Great for long term fundraising
  • We do the work to bring them back each year
  • 30 day attribution window
  • Attributed to you for life after the 1st purchase
  • Great for long term digital campaigns

Digital Campaigns

Purchases have a limited window of attribution
60% of each membership they purchase
  • Great for 1 time fundraisers
  • After the first purchase, you must
    get them to purchase again with your link next year
  • 30 day attribution window
  • Great for limited time digital campaigns (social media/email campaigns)

In Person

Flat fee
$15 cost per membership
  • Great for 1 time fundraisers
  • High earnings potential
  • Great for organized in-person campaigns
  • Set different prices to meet your goals

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What if I want a donation for a charity auction?

No problem, we're happy to donate a membership to your auction! Email: [email protected]

We still suggest you sign up to take advantage of one of our programs to earn even more. 

What's a tracking cookie?

A small bit of code that is added to a visitors