Driving Range

Five Types of People You’ll See at the Driving Range

Who You Can Expect To Be Practicing At The Range

It’s a beautiful Saturday morning and you’re ready to head to the nearest golf range. You know it’s going to be a busy and hectic day – everyone is getting ready for this year’s golf season, so you’ll be lucky if you can find an open spot. You get to the range with your friends and you see all kinds of people there.

Here are five types of people you will likely see at the golf range:

  1. The Beginner
    • The is the guy (or girl) who is a newcomer to the game of golf. He has no idea what he’s doing. Try one: He takes out his Spalding driver from his hand-me-down golf bag and gives it a swing. He tops the ball and it barely lands two feet in front of him. He grunts, looks around and continues to pretend to know what he’s doing. Try two: He swings and he completely misses the ball as his club flys in back of him almost hitting you on the head. He laughs it off and apologizes saying “I’m normally much better than this.”
  2. Dads
    • You will always be sure to see a full-time father with his two little  kids at the driving range. He finally has some time off on the weekend but he has the duty of babysitting the children while his wife goes shopping. So, he makes it into a family event, trying to teach his kids how to swing the club and hit the ball. He hopes they’ll learn from the best, but more than likely, they will be running around or telling their dad how bored they are.
  3. The Lurker
    • This is the type of person who will spend several hours at the golf range without doing much. He’ll take his time hitting a bucket of balls and when he’s finished, he will walk around and watch other people practice their golf game. Usually retired, often wearing black socks, he takes an uncomfortable interest in your game.
  4. The Wannabe Professional
    • These guys will be dressed to the tee – probably trying to sport the Dustin Johnson or Tiger Woods look. He gets four large buckets, situates himself in the furthest corner of the range, and works his way methodically through his bag. He will be completely focused on what he’s doing and won’t bother chatting with anyone else. He’ll be playing solo today.
  5. The Business Man
    • He’s probably on his lunch break, looking to relieve some stress by hitting some balls before going back to the office and making more conference calls. He’s probably having a bad day if he’s spending his 20-minute break at the range, so don’t bother talking to him.