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Five Hybrid Clubs You’ll Love

Get rid of the long-irons that make those in-between shots on the fairway difficult and frustrating and replace them with these magical hybrids that will help any golfer with their game. 

1.Callaway XR OS Hybrids

The XR OS Hybrids give you extreme forgiveness, high launch, and our industry-leading Hyper Speed Face Cup for distance. And they’re designed to perfectly complement the XR OS Irons. These hybrids are going to be a go-to club for you off the tee, the fairway or out the rough.


  • Hyper Speed Face Cup has redefined distance and ball speed for more forgiveness on each shot
  • Larger head to create higher MOI for maximum forgiveness
  • Keeled sole to give more versatility to hit good shots from all lies
  • Price – ~$150

2. Adams Golf Tight Lies 2

The Tight Lies Hybrid combines leading hybrid technologies with the new Ghost Slot Technology to create a top-performing hybrid you’ll love. The combination of the invisible crown slot, the low-profile body, and the Tri-Sole design makes this hybrid extremely easy to hit in order to help you be on your best game.


  • Ghost Slot Technology delivers out of sight performance by hiding the crown slot but keeping the benefits of higher ball speeds and increased forgiveness
  • Low-profile, upside down design creates large impact area low in the face for more consistent contact, and higher launch
  • Original tri-level sole design reduces turf interaction for better performance out of any type of lie
  • Price – ~$180

3. Pine Meadow Golf ZR 3.0

Conventional long irons are difficult to hit for the amateur golfer. They struggle to make a clean contact with the ball which means they do not achieve the distances they should.

The ZR3.0 hybrids are designed to give you optimal performance on shots out of the rough and fairway alike. High quality stainless heads provide the durability that you expect and contribute to performance as well.


  • High quality stainless heads provides durability and forgiveness
  • Fitted standard with low-torque Graphite Shaft
  • Available with custom lengths and shafts
  • Price – ~$230

4. PING G25 TFC 189H

A great choice from any lie around the course, the PING’s G25 TFC Hybrid delivers consistent performance from turf or sand. Compact with a traditional style – this hybrid club is extremely forgiving and can successfully propel a golf ball from even the thickest grass. 


  • Progressive CG minimizes the amount of spin on the ball
  • Low toe and heel sections are squared off to create a larger hitting surface
  • Lower lofted hybrids have weight low and back
  • Traditional club face and compact profile delivers a more iron-like appearance
  • Price – ~$90

5. TaylorMade M2 Rescue

The 2017 M2 Rescue Hybrid features new innovative performance technologies, creating a versatile hybrid club with exceptional sound and feel. Designed to help average golfers replace a long iron with higher, longer, and more draw-biased performance.


  • Speed Pocket on the sole of the club offers speed and forgiveness on low-face strikes
  • Two-tiered sole to promote added playability from a variety of lies
  • M2 REAX shaft designed in weights most appropriate for each golfer’s swing speed, 75 S-flex, 65 R-flex, 55 A-flex, and 45 L-flex
  • Lofts offered in 19, 22, 25 and 28
  • Price – ~$200


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