Five Common Golf Mistakes

As a beginner, there are a lot of things you will need to focus on improving, but don’t get too overwhelmed by focusing on the little things. In the end, what you really need to focus on boils down to just three main areas: the long drive, your short game and your putting.

Yet, even with proper determination and focus, there are a lot of common mistakes that beginners can make.

Here are the five of the most common mistakes, how they may affect your game, and ways you can fix them.

  1. Improper Clubs

Make sure you buy clubs that are properly fitted to your current skill level, swing speed and accuracy. If you keep having trouble with your swing, the first thing you should check is whether your clubs are a good fit for you. As a beginner, you would want to have the right amount of forgiveness in your clubs.

Another common mistake is using the wrong shaft. Often overlooked, having the right shaft can significantly improve your swing.

  1. Your Learning Approach

YouTube videos have made it easier for beginner golfers to access more information and many may believe that it’s not necessary to get professional lessons.

However, one thing you should remember is that golf is a very diverse game, and there will be a lot of different approaches to consider. Jumping from one video to another, or one tip to another might confuse your focus, and ends up delaying your progress.

Having your lessons from a professional trainer, or even better, a certified PGA professional certainly has its advantages. They can improve your individual game with a personalized approach and stop any bad habits from forming, especially when you first start out.

  1. Maintain Your Club’s Grooves

Clean grooves will significantly allow better control of your spin and can produce more spin on impact.

Take time to clean the grooves after every shot, and make it a habit. Also, clean the grooves before you begin your game and every round. If you feel performance and spin starting to fall even when it’s clean, then it’s time to get a re-groove at your local pro golf shop.

  1. Not Practicing Enough

As a beginner, you will need a lot of practice, and your local driving range is the perfect place to do that. You can hit dozens of balls, or even 100 a lot faster than on the golf course, without any peer pressure and for a much cheaper rate than going to the golf course. This is the time where you can analyze your swing, make adjustments and hit some bad shots without ruining your score.

  1. Focusing Too Much On Distance and Power

Over the past few decades, the game of golf has evolved, and distance has replaced finesse and accuracy as the number one thing golfers are after. You can also see how so many of modern club equipment are designed to maximize distance, and how all the manufacturers have all the talk about increasing maximum distance each and every year.

As a result of this trend, many newer players have the tendency to swing too hard. Although the common perception is that if we swing hard enough, the ball speed will also increase. In reality, it can be counterproductive to your overall distance.

After you have maintained the proper consistency and accuracy, you can slowly increase your swing until you can finally find your own signature rhythm.


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