Linking Golfers to Your Course

For the last 30 years, The Links Card has been a marketing channel for courses who want extra revenue with little effort and cost. We specialize in connecting your course directly to avid and frequent golfers.

Segmented and Targeted

$0 Marketing

Revenue Management

How We Do It

Courses Partner With Us

Courses looking to maximize revenue partner with us to increase their sales by offering special rates to our members. The rates and restrictions are totally within your control

Custom Acquisition

With a value proposition that helps golfers save money over time at every partner course, we've acquired and continue to acquire a strong following of avid golfers who make a small investment to be part of our membership program. This is how we monetize our end.

Maximize Revenue

With 6 additional categories for special rates, you can encourage spending at your course while our members are on site.


Through our own channels and expertise, we market The Links Card to golfers up and down the east coast. In 2021, we plan on spending over $50,000 on marketing for our partner courses.

You benefit

Every golfer that joins our membership program is eligible for the customizable special rates posted by your course. They book directly with your course allowing you to fill in holes and keep 100% of the revenue for your course.

Manage Revenue

Unlike other marketing platforms, you don't have to give up your highest grossing teetimes. You're in full control of your special rates and restrictions.

When compared to other services that require a revenue share, payment for their services, a massive discount, or a large amount of time, The Links Card is the perfect partnership for your course to maximize revenue, resources, and ROI. 

The Links Card Is:

A No Cost Marketing Platform

It's free for your course to be listed on our platform. You have the freedom to decide your special rates and savings for our members*

A Way To Generate More Revenue

With 7 different categories for special rates, you can encourage more spending at your proshop, course, or resort.

A Known Lead Source

Because our members are required to show their Links Card membership to obtain special rates, your staff will know exactly where a lead came from so you can track ROI.

Like Your Email List Increased By Thousands

The Links Card expands your reach to over 30,000 of our current and former members plus tens of thousands of website visitors

A Way To Leverage Your Time

You only need to spend 5-10 minutes per quarter on our platform. We send our members directly to your booking system of choice, whether online or over the phone.

Constantly Improving

We can't stop and won't stop improving. You can count on us to listen to your feedback to help your course generate more revenue through our platform.

The Links Card Is Not:

A Revenue Share Program

Your course keeps 100% of the revenue spent by our members. We charge our members to join our membership program, not the course.

A Teesheet Platform

We market your course and special rates to our members. Our members then book with you directly by phone or your online teesheet allowing you to own your own data.

Going to Cost You

There are no upfront or ongoing charges.

A Lot of Work

The Links Card is a low maintenance marketing channel where you can spend minimal effort while we do the heavy lifting of finding avid golfers.

A Shot In The Dark

For 30 Years, The Links Card has been connecting golfers to courses all over the east coast. Your lead source is known, there's no cost to join, and there's no revenue share.

A Hard Choice

Create your listing, set your rates, and the leads come to you.

Start Your Listing Now


Why should my course join?
Despite 2020 being a landmark year for golf, almost every course has room for more revenue or reduced expenses. Depending on your goals, time availability, and skill set, squeezing more revenue can be a tall order for a lot of courses. The Links Card offers a no-cost partnership that gives you access to thousands more golfers who can help fill in holes in your teesheet. Many of our members golf exclusively at partner courses.

Plus, unlike other marketing channels, when you partner with The Links Card, you're not making a large time commitment, sharing your revenue, nor spending your cash all while generating more revenue.
How much does it cost to become a partner course?
$0. We don't charge our partner courses to be on our platform.
When will my listing be live?
Your listing goes live almost immediately. There are 2 additional steps to the sign up form that should take no longer than 5-15 minutes. 1) Your listing details where you let members know your rates in up to 7 different categories. 2) Add pictures to your listing: a featured image, a logo, and up to 4 gallery images.
You can come back anytime to edit your listing

If we decide a verification process is needed, we may temporarily remove your listing while we complete the verification.
What special rate should I offer?
That's the beauty of our platform, your offered rate is totally up to you and where your course needs more revenue.
Have downtime in the afternoons? Set your rates for after 12pm.
Want to maximize your mornings? Use no time constraints
The less restrictions, the more business we can help you generate.
Who can claim a special rate?
Only our paying members. You'll know a paying member from their Links Card membership card that way you're not offering discounts to everyone - only to the target market.
Only 5-10 minutes a quarter, that's it?
Yep! Because we do all the active marketing on our end, which is why many of our partner courses consider us one of the best marketing partnerships around.
What does it mean to be a partner course?
When you partner with The Links Card, you're trying to fill holes in your teesheet without more marketing spend or resources. The Links Card provides access to known, avid golfers who can fill in without your course having to do active marketing, pay money up front, or a large time/resource commitment to do so.

We're committed to improving our services for courses, so, as in any good partnership, we're always open to feedback and suggestions so your course can count on us to really help drive additional sales.

Additionally, we sometimes flip the roles and bring in vendors who want to work want to offer special rates to courses (for example, we're researching vendors for drone footage).
How many courses have you worked with?
Over the years, we've worked with 300+ courses with 90% of partner courses staying partnered for 3+ years.
Are there a limited number of courses per state?
While we haven't limited the number of states in previous years, we are certainly open to it as we expand. The last thing we want to encourage is a race to the price bottom by having too many courses in a geographic area. We continuously evaluate and seek out feedback from our partner courses to make this determination.

Become a Links Card Partner Course

Target Golfers
Your course is put in front of our paying members who are known avid golfers.
Market Your Course
Customized listings allow you to advertise special rates to our members.
Revenue Management
Offer special rates in 7 different categories earn more revenue from our members.
The Links Card