Becoming A Links Card Partner Course



Low Maintenance

The Slippery Slopes of Filling tee-times

Don't Fall For these

Mass Discounts

Detrimental to your brand, bad for revenuem management, plus you have to pay to advertise those discounts


Tempting, but detrimental to your brand, bad for revenue management, and the revenue share is horrendous

"Hot" Deals

Contractual obligation to sell your highest grossing tee-times at a discount is both limiting and bad for revenue management

Email Lists

We're big fans of utilizing email lists to build relationships and you should grow your list. But when it comes to empty tee times, spamming your list daily is a quick way to experience subscriber loss. Pro tip: segment out a population that wants daily emails

Social Media Ads

An effective tool when done correctly. However, with Facebook algorithms, iOS 14 changes, and the dozens of other factors involved, it can be time consuming and expensive to do right. Plus it's difficult to track success

Enter The Links Card

A low-cost marketing platform for your course to reach more golfers

No Revenue Share
100% of the revenue you earn from our members, stays with your business

Segmented & Targetted
All of our members are known golfers, increasing the chances of your unused tee-times getting filled
No Fee Marketing
You don't pay us a dime to be on our platform. It's as simple as that

Adjustable Rates
You're in full control of the rates and restrictions you offer. Change them as often or as little as you'd like.
No Contracts
Your business needs flexibility in how you generate revenue. With The Links Card, you have it.
Easy to Maintain
We leverage our network of golfers for you. Your involvement can be as little as 10 minutes a year

Why Our Partner Courses Love Us

Plain and simple:
We create a win-win situation for our courses and members. 

You have unfilled tee-times, we have a database of thousands of members who have the flexibility to help fill those tee-times in the last 24 hours. 

Plus, we don’t put extreme restrictions on our partner courses, so you’re able to have the flexibility on our platform to meet your needs, not ours. 

And that’s why we’ve had some partner courses with us since the mid 1990s

Strategic Implementation

We utilize an age old classic that’s powerful and effective, but only when used strategically and correctly –

a restricted discount.

By putting restrictions on your Links Card rates, you’re ensuring we stay out of the way of your highest grossing golfers and we’re only used when your tee-time inventory is at the highest risk of being under utilized. The $150 billion hospitality industry uses this method to fill vacant rooms with amazing success. Likewise, they use outside services like ours to avoid discounting their normal, retail rates to the public. 

Additional Benefits

Leverage our marketing budget

We're budgeting $50,000 in marketing for 2021. That's a direct benefit to our partner courses

More Revenue Opportunities

There are 6 additional categories for your course to generate more revenue from our members while they're at your course

A Known Lead Source

It's extremely difficult to know which online marketing effort brought a customer into your door. With The Links Card, our members show their membership card making it obvious and trackable.


Are there requirements for my restricted discount?
Yes, the minimum discount for greens fees+cart is $5 and 24 hours advanced booking. You can offer as big as a discount as needed and/or loosen the 24 hours to 48 hours. Remember, this is a strategic discount to decrease the probability that a teetime produces $0 revenue. See our calculator in the next FAQ.
How big of a discount should I offer?

*This is merely a suggestion based on expected value. Example: If you have a 30% chance of winning $1000 in a lottery and I offered you $200 to not play, you'd turn it down as it's below the expected value ($1000*.30=$300). If I offered you $500 to not play, you'd take the $500 as it's higher than the expected value.

Why should my course join?
By using our platform to offer strategic discounts, you're opening yourself to more consistent revenue with a lower risk factor than other marketing channels and methods.
Even if you were running at 110% capacity, there are still benefits to joining The Links Card as a partner course. It's as simple as we're there if you need it and not in your way if you don't.
How much does it cost to become a partner course?
$0. We don't charge our partner courses to be on our platform.
Are my discounts available to the public?
No, only our paying members can access the discounts at your course. You'll know a paying member from their Links Card membership card presented at the time of payment for their tee-time. However, your discounts will be visible to the public
What does it mean to be a partner course?
It means there's there a mutually beneficial relationship for us. You gain access to our network of golfers and free marketing for your course through our member acquisition efforts. And we gain an awesome course for our members to visit.

We're committed to improving our services for courses, so, as in any good partnership, we're always open to feedback and suggestions so your course can count on us to really help drive additional sales.

Additionally, we sometimes flip the roles and bring in vendors who want to work want to offer special rates to courses (for example, we're researching vendors for drone footage).
What's the catch?
Great question! Short answer: There isn't one.
We are a discount membership program for golfers. We charge a membership fee to the consumer to access discounts at our partner courses. This is how we know our members are in your target market so we're not wasting your time.
Is this a silver bullet for my marketing?
Not in the slightest. We're an additional tool that helps fill a specific hole that other channels aren't designed to do effectively.
The Links Card