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collective marketing
that helps your business grow


After 30 years, we’re opening up our platform to non-golf businesses
to advertise to thousands of golfers across New England!

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why market to golfers?

In 2021, golfers spent an estimated $15.8 billion on rounds of golf alone. 
That doesn’t include travel, equipment, transportation, etc. 

That’s a lot of discretionary income!

And now, you can reach them for free!

For the first time in 32 years, we’re opening up The Links Card collective marketing platform to non-golf businesses in New England. 

We’re promoting the same philosophy that we’ve used for the last 30+ years with our partner golf courses:
create win-win opportunities for your business and the customer. 

Join other like minded business owners who are realizing the benefits of using collective marketing to increase their revenue

about collective marketing

Simply put, collective marketing is combining difficult individual solutions and accomplishing them with a group effort. 

The Links Card is bringing  together like minded business operators who understand that there are  inefficiencies in their marketing/sales process, but the solutions are typically low ROI or low priority. 

We allow you to create special offers that solve that inefficiency, and because our platform is free for you, the ROI is amazing and can create massive value for your business!

Why now?

It's no secret, inflationary pressures are affecting millions of Americans and businesses. 

Rising prices will force some shoppers to scale, back costing businesses lost revenue. 

By introducing special, restricted offers, you can reach price sensitive audiences and gain back their business, but on your terms. 

How We're Different

There's no double dipping with us. The only thing we sell is the collective offers to our members.

That means we're not taking commissions, fees, or a revenue share from you since we're not selling a product or service on your behalf. 

Use Case Examples

The benefit of collective marketing is that you can use more specific and targeted offers that normally don't have a great ROI. Your offers are also protected behind a membership so you can create larger offers to create more demand. 

For our golf courses, we drive value based consumers into buying expiring inventory. 

A restaurant might offer a special discount or free sides during slower times. 

An HVAC service might offer a special discount to consumers who are ok with a larger wait window. 

A retail store might offer  20% off accessory items that pair well with larger purchases (one of our partners has done this for the 15+ years with us!)

A service provider might offer a discount to customers who are willing to wait a little longer allowing you to fill cancelled or last minute slots to keep your team at capacity. 


Activate your offer

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Include the offer details, restrictions, and redemption limits.

Tips for Leveraging the links card

Using Restrictions

One of the key benefits to using collective marketing is that your brand stays protected behind a membership and usage restrictions.
Limit your offer to where you need results. Those limits might be based on timeframe, days, or purchase amounts.  It's wherever you want results. 

Redemption Limits

This is a very common question and concern: How many times can an offer be redeemed?

Because of the nature of our platform, our default is unlimited because we want to continually drive results into the area you need whether or not it's accomplished by the same person over and over. This creates a long term benefit for your business.

However, you're welcome to limit the number of uses. Just add it as a restriction. 

Setting Rates

Once we have our restrictions set, it's time to figure out an offer to drive traffic. 

We use a general rule that considesr the restrictions. If you have light restrictions we suggest smaller savings. If you're tight restrictions, we suggest a larger discount to motivate action. 

We will say that the most successful offers are tighter restrictions + bigger savings.


About Automate.Golf

While they primarily focus on golf courses, they can help almost any business automate and integrate systems. 

For example, with The Links Card, they were able automate a lot of our manual online tasks so that we could focus on growth and creating more value for our customers and business partners. 

How are offers redeemed?

This will be business dependent, but in general there are two steps: 

1) Call your business and identify as a Links Card holder

2) Show their membership card when paying

Step 1 can be eliminated for some businesses

What's in it for The Links Card?

We don't charge our partner businesses to participate on The Links Card platform. 

Our revenue comes from selling memberships to golfers to access the special offers. 

My business is fully booked, why do I need The Links Card?

First off, congrats!

Our platform was built to provide win-win opportunities through collective marketing. 99.9% of businesses have some type of booking/sales inefficiency that can be improved through our platform. 

Often times, business owners don't consider the inefficiency because solutions for fixing it are low ROI and resource intensive. 

Can I change my offer later?

100% yes! 

One of the worst mistakes we see within the golf industry is publishing an offer that lasts for a full year. We understand your business needs are dynamic so you can absolutely change your offer througout the year.